How to Use
Video made on the 24.09.2019 The first 3 minutes are how a user uses it. The last 2 minutes are for leaders and deputies.
Planned Content
Implementation planned:
  • A Scrim Section (Creating a Looking for Scrim: at a time (range), region, for a gamemode, in a specific division (range) (maybe also map) and if other people create one too show suggested matches + make chat between leaders / team members / global chat possible | Also make it possible to search all Looking for Scrims posts)
  • Small internal restructure making future changes easier (Already started)
  • Show upcoming Scrims / Officials (f.e. the next 5 scrims / offis no matter when they are)

Ideas for the future (which might be implemented)
  • Possibility to link 2 teams (If 1 team has f.e. both UGC and ETF2L they can link them, leader has to make the request + other leader has to agree to it) --> Sync the player availability and Scrims / Officials ( + display for which league they are)
  • Option for the team to sync official match dates with the team page (so leaders don't have to input officials)
This was written for my own ETF2L Team, but I made it so that it supports any other UGC, RGL and ETF2L Team.
Everything is written by myself. The Back-End is written in NodeJS. Resources which I used for the Front-End are:
If you have further questions feel free to add me on Steam.

Until some point in 2019 this site was hosted by MasterofDisaster. Thanks to him for that time. Then it was offline for quite a bit. Now in 2021 I thought why not host it again? Actually I wanted to do a complete rewrite, but that is probably postponed to infinity till I have time for it.