Privacy Policy

This is a privacy policy that will cover the information that we collect from visitors that access the website. By accessing our platform, you have established authorization with this policy.

What Information Is Collected
When accessing the website at any point, your IP Address will be logged together with your User-Agent and the page you are opening. When connecting your Steam account to the website, we collect your:
  • Steam Alias
  • Steam ID
  • Profile Picture
Your Steam Alias is used to display your logged in name. Your Steam ID allows us to properly create player links to your UGC, ETF2L and Steam Community profile. The URL to your profile picture is stored and retained to be displayed together with your Steam Alias. Lastly, your IP Address and the User-Agent is collected to improve the application for specific platforms. Cookies are only used on our site to store session logins to allow players to stay logged in. You can opt out of cookies using your browser, but this will prevent you from maintaining logins across your browser sessions.

How This Information Is Used
All sets of data that we collect at are used to allow us to continuously improve the service. Currently, all information we get from you is only displayed back to you. Displayed Public Information about players is collected from the ETF2L API and the UGC website.

If there are any concerns or questions regarding this privacy policy, feel free to contact us at the following mail:
Last Update of the Privacy Policy: 19.11.18